Which European Countries Are Open For Restriction-Free Travel?

Which European Countries Are Open For Restriction-Free Travel?

Map of Eastern Europe. (photo via iStock/Getty Images Plus/fstop123)

Spain just dropped its vaccine requirement to enter the country, now allowing unvaccinated travelers to enjoy visiting Spain, too, though all travelers will be required to test negative prior to arrival.

This prompts the question in many minds: which countries in Europe don’t have any pandemic-related entry requirements right now?

The list may surprise you – some countries in this list are beloved European destinations, while others are more underrated destinations.

Either way, they’re the easiest countries in Europe to enter right now, since they don’t require any testing, proof of vaccination or other pandemic-related entry requirements.

Be aware, though, that some of these countries still abide by quarantine rules when travelers test positive for COVID-19 during their stay.

The United States also requires residents traveling abroad to test negative prior to returning to the U.S., so travelers should make necessary preparations and take precautions while in Europe to ensure they don’t test positive and are disallowed from returning from their trip until they test negative.

Which European Countries Are Open For Restriction-Free Travel?

Highlights of Norway

Countries in Europe without any entry restrictions:

– Iceland

– Norway

– Ireland

– United Kingdom

– Denmark

– Sweden

– Czech Republic

– Hungary

– Greece

– Croatia

– Bulgaria

– Latvia

– Lichtenstein

– Moldova

– Montenegro

– North Macedonia

– Poland

– Romania

– Slovakia

– Germany (June 1)

For information on current entry requirements in Europe and around the world, check out our interactive guide.

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