Travel Advisors’ Top Takeaways From Reviewing La Casa de la Playa

Expert Travelers Share Thoughts on La Casa de la Playa

Last month, several top-tier travel advisors experienced what it was like to stay at the brand-new La Casa de la Playa, a luxury all-inclusive boutique resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The advisors were exploring this property as part of TravelPulse’s 2022 TravForum event.

From dining world-class meals to being surrounded by amazing views, these travel advisors share what blew them away about the new hotel.

Will Medina, Destination Weddings Expert

“La Casa de la Playa is absolute perfection. As someone that specializes in the premium all-inclusive market, I can tell you that this is like five steps above any competitor out there really. And one of the things that I’ve taken away from this and I’m going to share with my clients is you have to come to la Casa de la Playa with the understanding of the meaning, which translates to your beach house. From the moment you walk into this property you truly feel like you’re walking into, let’s jokingly say, your rich uncle’s beach house, where you just have the access to all the amenities, you could just come and go there’s not a traditional lobby if you will, and the view, like the minute you arrive you see that everything on the property is oceanfront. So I think it’s definitely a very sexy property, very upscale experience, and it is something that is ideal for anyone looking to disconnect, looking for romance, looking for you know just that reconnection between two people, or even for single travelers that are you know just have that exquisite taste that are looking for a little bit of a slower pace from their daily hustle while still having access to the amenities of the all-inclusive.

“Here they take all-inclusive to the next level. It’s not just because it’s a luxury property but they have a concept here that is 24/7. Now, those of us that actually sell all-inclusive hotels, we know that room service is usually all-inclusive right, and it is 24/7, you can call anytime and you can just get your tacos, your chocolate, coffee or whatever. However, at La Casa de la Playa, something that is extremely unique to this property and to market actually, it is that 24/7 goes beyond that. So every bar on property is actually open for you 24/7, like legit you can just walk in, grab your bottle.

“For example, they have a Cava, you can just walk in and grab your bottle of wine and either serve it right there because they do have glassware, or you can just take it back to your room. Additionally to that, they have the lobby bar, which they don’t call the lobby, it’s el Corazon de la casa, which is like the heart of the house. Same thing, like top shelf for my tequila lovers out there, we’re talking about Don Julio 1942, we’re talking about clase azul, both blanco and reposado, we’re talking about like Don Julio 1970, so definitely top, top shelf that at any other property it would be a couple hundred dollars. So you can literally walk in and just sit there and drink on your own with your partner, with your group of friends, and they have like Bluetooth devices or speakers that you can literally link up your phone, and I know because we tried it and we were until like two o’clock in the morning drinking at La Bodega, which is a mezcalaria, and again high-end tequila that you can just walk in 24/7.

“So I make a lot of emphasis on that because for a boutique property with only 63 rooms you know it could be where you would say ‘well it might be too quiet for my clients’, but the fact that you have that level of access and you can just walk in and make yourself at home truly makes you feel like once again you’re at your beach house.

Travel Advisors’ Top Takeaways From Reviewing La Casa de la Playa

Infinity pool at La Casa de la Playa (photo by Eric Bowman)

Katie Ehlers, Classic Travel Connection

“It is a boutique, it has major wow factor but you don’t feel like you’re in the typical all-inclusive world. It is an absolute unique property; people fly around the world to see water this blue. It is absolutely beautiful here! The rooms are amazing, you walk in the door and you’re just blown away. The jellyfish habitats, the views, the pool, the volcano tub, I mean everything about it is just absolutely beautiful and unique and there really isn’t anything like it.”

Nick Pena, Cruise Planners

“Overall, it’s been amazing. The fact that I can now offer my clients a true five-star luxury all-inclusive experience is really something to be excited about. I think there’s a real need in the marketplace.

“We have tons of luxury all-inclusive but how many true five-star luxury all-inclusive do we have? And so, the fact that this is going to offer that true five-star service paired with the all-inclusive experience, paired with you know the green of this hotel and how eco-conscious they are, and then access to all the parks in the world of Xcaret while still being in a private luxury enclave I think is really going to resonate with the luxury consumer.”

Travel Advisors’ Top Takeaways From Reviewing La Casa de la Playa

Sky Bar at La Casa de la Playa. (photo courtesy of La Casa de la Playa)

Debra Brown, SB World Luxe Travel

“My overall thoughts at the property is that it’s I would say Uber luxury, accelerated, elevated in any imaginable way that you would think of a luxury resort. The special amenities, the overall experience from the hardware of the rooms of the property, the elevated dining experience, elevated beverage experience, as well as elevated access to around the clock service as well as round the clock access to the beverages as far as in the bars, the bars are 24 hours whether the bartender is there or not, and I think that’s a huge plus because it makes you really feel like you’re at home, that this is your living room, this is your bedroom, this is your backyard, this is your beach, this is your ocean. So, it’s elevated access to ultra-luxury.

“My thoughts on this food as it relates to other all inclusives and other dining experiences is that the food experience, and I’ve experienced quite a bit of it, is elevated. You can imagine Iron Chef level – the creativity, the different takes on familiar ingredients and familiar comfort food, it’s taken in a completely different level. Everything was top notch, the flavors of the destination comes through in the food, and then the delivery and the presentation. I would say the food is phenomenal. It’s hard to believe that it’s an all-inclusive because you don’t get this level of dining experience and quality in all inclusives or anywhere in the world actually, this is world-class.”

Ronda Helton, The Travel Connection Group

“This place has just been amazing. It’s definitely a hidden gem luxury boutique property. It’s a very odd concept for most people to understand luxury all-inclusive in one package but this property really does encompass that, and I’m excited to have more of my clients come down here and experience this wonderful place.”

“The food has been outstanding. I was speaking to somebody earlier today talking about how in Mexico the food game has changed drastically over even just the last five years. We are seeing more and more EP products kind of changing some things, but with this one, this is truly like 5-star dining, it’s very customized, it’s just absolutely amazing. And I feel like they’ve done an amazing job. I can’t wait to send all my foodie clients here.”

Heather Coursen, MEI – Travel

“My biggest takeaway is that it is possible to do all-inclusive for the luxury clientele. The resort manages to be a private sanctuary where all of your wants are met, your privacy is respected and you can disappear from the world, while still having everything included. You’re not going to find the large buffets and liquor dispensers in these rooms – instead you’ll find high-end champagne in your minibar and world-class restaurants. It is the perfect elevation of the all-inclusive product.”

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