To the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth traveling from Moscow by train

“Try to see the world. It is more beautiful than any dream, created in a factory and paid for with money,” wrote the famous writer Ray Bradbury

We will tell you why you should choose a train for a comfortable and safe journey, as well as share fascinating routes that will open you up to a completely different world. Russia.

To the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth traveling from Moscow by train

Fairy-tale cathedrals of Yaroslavl

Looking for a change of scenery but not ready for a long journey? It's time to go to Yaroslavl. Muscovites can get to it on the high-speed electric train “Lastochka” in three hours.

Start your tour from the local Kremlin and Bogoyavlenskaya Square. The city is known for its 12th-century cloister, the Transfiguration Monastery, in which, according to one version, the list “The Tale of Igor's Campaign” was found.

The oldest temple in Yaroslavl, the Assumption Cathedral, was destroyed and restored many times . Now guests of the city can see its restored version. If you like beautiful churches, take a look at the Kazan Convent, which consists of four churches.

To the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth traveling to from Moscow by train

Go out to the Volzhskaya embankment and take a deep breath chest, admiring the smooth surface of the famous river that flows from afar and for a long time. The embankment consists of three tiers, for a panoramic view and a selfie to the envy of your friends, go to the topmost one. During the promenade, there is a high probability of reaching the Volga Tower, the watchtower of the old Earthen City.

The route can also include the Metropolitan's Chambers (the residence of the metropolitans and the house church), the Museum of the History of the City, the Gostiny Dvor and the Governor's Garden.

As you can see, there is enough entertainment and beauty for more than one hour of walking!

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Journey to Kostroma, or Why go to visit the Snow Maiden?

On the same electric train from Moscow, you can also get to another city founded by Yuri Dolgoruky – Kostroma.

It is only four hours to go to the homeland of the Snow Maiden, and it is from her tower that you should start exploring the city. This attraction is sure to appeal to young travelers, especially if you plan a trip before the New Year. In the entertainment complex of the granddaughter of Father Frost, guests will find a costume show, a picturesque belfry, many souvenirs and a restaurant with Russian cuisine.

To the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth traveling from Moscow by train

Afraid of getting lost in Kostroma? Make an appointment at Susaninskaya (Sovetskaya) Square, which is ideal for taking unforgettable pictures as a keepsake. Since we have already remembered the national hero, then from there it makes sense to go to the monument to Ivan Susanin, which was erected near the Volga in 1967.

One of the main attractions is the Kostroma Tower, a monument of architecture of the 19th century and the “zero kilometer” of the city. Look for memory magnets with her – they are the most stylish!

History lovers will appreciate the Romanov Museum, which stores everything related to the great imperial dynasty. The building itself is made in the style of an old tower, which gives it a fabulous flair.

Shopping malls are an interesting landmark of the city, which will remind Muscovites of Gostiny Dvor. The complex was built for about a hundred years, it has more than 20 buildings and is one of the largest shopping centers of the XVIII-XIX centuries, which has survived to this day.

Pskov, a city originally from rocks

If you are ready to drive a little further to get to know the history of the country better, go to Pskov.

Start your acquaintance with the city from the very heart – Pskov Krom. The fortress is located on the banks of the Velikaya River, which merges with the Pskovskaya. The Kremlin is beautiful from all sides and at any time of the year. Visit the city of Dovmont, which was used to further strengthen the fortress, and the Trinity Cathedral, which was first mentioned back in the 10th century. The complex also includes the Order Chambers (huts), which were once a body of military administration. The highlight of the Kremlin is the towers, such as Vlasyevskaya and Rybnitskaya, which were restored after a fire in 2010. The northern tower of Kutekoma, which served as an observation tower, is perfectly preserved, like many other buildings on the territory.

To the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth traveling from Moscow by train

Gremyachaya is located on the right bank of the Pskova River tower. The construction consists of six tiers and “grows” directly from the limestone rock. The view is mesmerizing! There are many myths and legends associated with the tower, which can be explored in advance, for example, on the way.
Exciting expositions are offered by the Pskov Museum-Reserve. Fans of exhibitions will appreciate the Pogankin Chambers. No mushrooms, this is a monument of history and culture, built in the 1670s! Now this is one of the buildings of the Pskov Historical, Artistic and Architectural Museum-Reserve, which houses many interesting exhibits, such as old icons.

St. Basil the Great Church on Gorka is another important attraction. An architectural monument of the 15th–16th centuries is surrounded by a magnificent park next to Oktyabrsky Prospekt.

You can get to this ancient Russian city in less than 12 hours on the Pskov branded train. Like the Lastochki electric train, it is equipped with air disinfection systems. Using ultraviolet lamps, they purify the air passing through the recirculation system, both taken from the car and outside.

To the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth traveling from Moscow by train

However, the Pskov train “went” still farther. The new carriages have shower cabins and changing tables, and smoothly opening doors separate the sanitary rooms and the exit of passengers. No pops and nervous shudders from new guests in the car!

In compartment cars, tables now not only fold, but also recline. You can free up more additional space. You won't even notice the upper shelves due to the new “camouflage” (they completely merge with the wall when you fold them), and the lower ones now look like sofas with headrests.

Remember how you had to go to the end or the start of the wagon to charge your smartphone? Now every seat is equipped with sockets and USB connectors, even if you are not traveling in a compartment.

Instead of traditional titanium, the new cars are equipped with purifiers – devices for distributing hot and cold water from the car's water supply system. By the way, they are also equipped with a water disinfectant.

Trips for people with disabilities have become much more comfortable. The staff car of the train has a spacious compartment with a place for attaching a stroller.

In search of heroes in Volgograd

The same carriages run from Moscow to Volgograd. The journey there by train will take a little over 18 hours. The Volgograd branded train arrives at 9:15, you can immediately go to admire the famous Motherland monument. Do not forget that the attraction has an observation deck that offers the best view of the city.

What else to do in the hero city? Of course, to go around the entire Mamaev Kurgan complex and spend a minute of silence at the Eternal Flame, visit the Stalingrad Battle Panorama Museum to learn more about the radical change during the Great Patriotic War. Near the museum there are historical monuments – Pavlov's House, in which Soviet soldiers held the defense for 58 days, and the Gerhardt Mill, which was not restored after being destroyed during the Battle of Stalingrad. End your historic tour in the heart of the city on Fallen Fighters Square.

Under the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth visiting from Moscow by train

Museum lovers can also visit the Old Sarepta complex, which is located away from the center. This is a unique ethnographic museum-reserve in a very picturesque part of Volgograd.

It makes sense to visit the mysterious and largest island of the Volga River in clear weather on a river bus. Untouched nature, rich in living creatures and fabulous flora, is a place of power for many residents and tourists. The island will definitely captivate you, especially with its colorful sunsets, so a good camera will come in handy when traveling.

Modern culture of Nizhny Novgorod

It takes less than four hours to get to the city where the militia led by Minin and Pozharsky began to gather.

Knocking wheels: 5 cities worth traveling from Moscow by train

Nizhny Novgorod is primarily a legendary impregnable fortress of the 16th century. In the local Kremlin, 13 towers have been preserved (look for expositions in them) and the fortress wall. The Nizhny Novgorod Art Museum and the Center for Contemporary Art also operate on the territory. Minin and Pozharsky Square is the central attraction and the place of all city events. If you are lost, as they say, meet at the fountain: at the Ivanovskaya Tower on National Unity Square, look for a copy of the capital's monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

Wanted extreme sports, not just bronze? Get it! The city has a cable car that functions both as a full-fledged public transport and as an attraction with an observation deck. The journey across the Volga will take about 12 minutes.

Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street is the local Arbat. There are many interesting sculptures and places where you can eat and relax. Rozhdestvenskaya Street and the Rozhdestvenskaya Church are just a fabulous place: the Church of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is more like a magical gingerbread house. The magnificent decoration of the facade is the architectural treasure of the city.

To the sound of wheels: 5 cities worth traveling from Moscow by train

The Chkalov Staircase is a monumental attraction, it has 560 steps, and not everyone will master such a way up, so practice in advance. Going down it, you will reach a picturesque embankment, which is ideal for a walk at sunset, then catch the evening train home.

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Material first published in September 2020, partially updated in May 2022

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