Italy's largest wine museum to open in Verona

Verona will be home to Italy's largest wine museum and tourist destination.

The largest wine museum in Italy will open in Verona

Italy's Largest Wine Museum to Open in Verona

Located in Veneto, the northeast region, renowned for producing some of the highest quality wines in the country, the Museo del Vino (or MuVin for short) was announced at the Vinitaly international wine competition last month. Museum creator Enrico Corsi says he came up with the idea while on a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he visited a Scotch whiskey exhibit. Corsi plans to launch the MuVin project, which aims to be a one-stop shop for everything wine-related. The complex will host wine tastings and educational activities, as well as an experimental trail covering more than 62,000 square feet and introducing visitors to the history of wine, the culture associated with wine, production. MuVin also offers virtual visits to the complex where people can learn proper wine tasting techniques as well as take a (virtual) visit to Italian wineries in the region. The MuVin project will be located in the Mercatali Gallery in Verona, in the city's exhibition district. The MuVin Museum is scheduled to be completed by the winter of 2026, when Italy will host the Winter Olympics.


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