How To Make the Most Out of Working With a Travel Advisor

How To Make the Most Out of Working With a Travel Advisor

A family working with a travel advisor. (photo via South_agency / getty images)

People are sometimes hesitant to work with travel advisors for a variety of reasons. Some think it’s more expensive to book travel through an agency, and others are set on planning everything on their own. Once travelers learn it’s the same price (and in some cases less expensive) to work with an agent, they’re more apt to give it a try.

Travelers also quickly learn that they still have a huge grip on the travel planning. Afterall, agents are interested in making your travel dreams some true, not theirs. They take pride in connecting all the dots and creating an itinerary that fits all your personalized needs.

Once these theories are debunked, and travelers allow the work of the professionals to take over, they are often blown away by the outcome. According to ALG Vacations, the key to making the most out of working with a travel advisor is asking the right questions in order to have a more personalized experience.

Travel advisors have the answer to almost every travel-related question stored in their brains. And if there’s something they aren’t 100 percent sure on, they have access to some of the best resources to help find the answer. So if they haven’t covered all the answers to your questions in the initial consultation – all you have to do is ask.

Right off the bat, it’s important for clients to talk to their advisors about the logistics of travel. Those who are set on specific budgets need to be upfront and ask if it’s doable to stay within their price range. It’s also important to ask what’s all included if it’s not transparent at first glance.

How To Make the Most Out of Working With a Travel Advisor

Travel advisor sharing information. (photo via South_agency / getty images)

Most travel advisors will already be talking to their clients about this, but in the rare case they don’t bring it up, be sure to ask about travel insurance. This is something every traveler should purchase right now.

At this time especially, a handful of questions should also revolve around health and safety. Travelers can consult with their advisors on what types of documentation they’ll need before flying, which safety guidelines are currently in place in the destination they are going to, etc.

Travel agents don’t always think to share their own experiences, so don’t be afraid to ask about them. If travelers are curious about a certain hotel or destination, there’s a good chance the travel agent they are working with has either visited or knows someone who has.

How To Make the Most Out of Working With a Travel Advisor

Ask your travel advisor for insider tips to keep in mind during your trip. (photo via E+ / svetikd)

Ask for their insider knowledge, and they’ll be happy to share. In addition to a review on the hotel or destination, they can also share go-to restaurants, nearby attractions, a perfect hiking trail and other fun tips. If they haven’t been, they’ll be excited to hear your feedback when you return so they can share with future clients.

Sure, travelers can always check an airline website for luggage requirements, a destination page for current requirements, a resort website for specific guidelines, but working with a travel advisor provides a one-stop-shop for all things travel related. The key is making the most out of the experience.

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