Countries That Have Changed Travel Entry Requirements in March

Countries That Have Changed Travel Entry Requirements in March

Cinque Terre (Photo via Hans Brunk)

Countries have been reopening and dropping entry requirements this month more than any other month. To catch up on the latest entry requirement changes around the world, check out the list below.

United Kingdom

From March 18, the United Kingdom has dropped all pre- and post-arrival testing requirements for unvaccinated travelers, as well as ended the requirement for foreigners to fill out the U.K. Passenger Locator Form, so travelers can now visit the U.K. without any pandemic-related entry requirements.

U.S. Virgin Islands

On March 7, Americans who are fully vaccinated no longer have to provide a negative COVID-19 test to enter the U.S. Virgin Islands. Unvaccinated travelers are still subject to testing protocols.

Countries That Have Changed Travel Entry Requirements in March

Belize is home to a number of Mayan sites. (photo via MaRabelo / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


Travelers to Belize who are fully vaccinated no longer have to test negative prior to entering the country. Unvaccinated travelers must still provide a recent negative PCR or rapid antigen test to enter.


On March 10, Curacao eased many of its restrictions, no longer requiring a recent negative COVID-19 test for entry regardless of vaccination status. Travelers are still required to apply for entry via the Curacao Entry Portal and fill out a Passenger Locator Card.

Puerto Rico

Begun March 10, domestic travelers from the mainland will no longer have to fill out a Travel Declaration form or provide any test results or proof of vaccination to enter Puerto Rico.


Ireland has dropped all of its pandemic-related requirements and restrictions, including entry requirements, as of March 6.


Bermuda changed its entry requirements on March 7, requiring travelers to provide proof of vaccination along with a rapid antigen test result or an unvaccinated traveler to provide a recent negative PCR test result.

Countries That Have Changed Travel Entry Requirements in March

Snorkeling at Robinson Club Noonu, Maldives(Photo by Lauren Breedlove)


As of March 5, travelers entering the Maldives need only fill out the Traveler Health Declaration Form prior to entering; there are no longer any testing requirements.


Travelers to the Bahamas no longer have to take a rapid test on the fifth day of their vacations, as of March 3.


Western Australia became the last state in the nation to reopen international travel this month. Visitors to Western Australia must provide proof of full vaccination, complete the Digital Passenger Declaration form, present a negative pre-departure PCR test and take a rapid test upon twelve hours of entry.


Fully vaccinated travelers to Italy no longer need to provide a negative COVID-19 test, while unvaccinated travelers no longer need to quarantine provided they take a pre-departure test as of March 1.

Saint Lucia

Travelers to Saint Lucia now also have the option of testing via rapid antigen tests taken within one day of entry in order to satisfy the island’s testing requirement.


As of March 19, Aruba no longer requires any testing, quarantine or vaccination proof for entry into the island. It does still require travelers to complete an Aruba Embarkation/Disembarkation card prior to arrival and purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance, though.

Countries That Have Changed Travel Entry Requirements in March

The sun sets over lush tea fields in Kenya. (photo via nevarpp / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


Fully vaccinated travelers no longer need to test prior to entering Kenya, which has also relaxed many of its pandemic-related protocols this month, too. Unvaccinated travelers are subject to both pre- and post-arrival testing.

Antigua and Barbuda

Fully vaccinated travelers to Antigua and Barbuda no longer have to provide a negative pre-departure test in order to enter the islands as of March 16.

South Africa

Fully vaccinated travelers visiting South Africa are not subject to any testing requirements, while unvaccinated travelers are still required to test prior to entry. Additionally, pandemic-related protocols within the country have been relaxed, too.


Fully vaccinated travelers to Chile no longer have to test upon arrival as of March 8, though they are still required to submit a pre-departure test.


According to Schengen Visa Info, Hungary removed all of its pandemic-related entry protocols earlier this month, as well as its vaccine mandates for museums and other attractions.


On March 1, Thailand’s quarantine-free travel program, Test & Go, is now available for all international travelers from all countries. All travelers are now required to be fully vaccinated and present a recent pre-departure test.

Additionally, several other countries in Asia have announced changes to their entry requirements. To see the full list, check out our Asia Travel Restrictions roundup.

For more information on current entry requirements worldwide, check out our interactive guide.

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