CDC, State Department Update Travel Advisory Risks For Multiple Countries

CDC, State Department Update Travel Advisory Risks For Multiple Countries

The Middle East nation of Jordan has been desinated 'high risk' for travel by the CDC. (Photo by Collette Travel)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the United States Department of State, have updated their respective travel advisory lists and one well-traveled country stands out.

The popular Middle East tourist destination of Jordan, with its divergent cultures and ancient history that has produced a veritable wonderland of cultural sites, was placed on the CDC Level 3 Risk List.

Level 3 became the highest risk factor on the CDC chart when the government agency revamped its risk measurement system earlier this year.

A Level 3 designation is when a country has more than 100 positive cases of the coronavirus – or monkeypox, of late – for every 100,000 residents dating back the previous 28 days.

Level 4, prior to the revamp, was formerly the highest risk level. That CDC designation is now reserved for the most extreme cases and public health emergencies.

Joining Jordan on the CDC Level 3 list on Monday was the tiny Caribbean Island nation of Sint Eustatius.

The State Department added 10 destinations of its own on Monday, with two eye-catching places among them – Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China.

While the State Dept. noted both destinations have issues with COVID-19, in large part the Level 3 designation to “Reconsider Travel” likely has much, or more, to do with politics than a virus. U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California) angered the Chinese government last week when she made a visit to Taiwan.

During its annual war exercises, China fired live missiles within 100 miles of Taiwan, causing many airlines to cancel or re-route flights away from the disputed territory. Tensions in the area are again running high.

Also on the State Department Level 3 list was Azerbaijan. Getting Level 2 designation – Exercise Increasing Caution – was Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Jordan, while the countries of The Kyrgyz Republic, Surinam, Sint Eustatius, and Senegal were all placed on the Level 1 Advisory List to use normal precautions.

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