Buy Now, Pay Later For Your Vacation

Buy Now, Pay Later For Your Vacation

Travel spending. (photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / seb_ra)

Apple Leisure Group Vacations offers travelers the ability to book their dream vacation now without footing the whole bill.

Travelers can make affordable, monthly payments on trips with Uplift, which offers a flexible way to pay and can spread out the cost of a vacation.

The company, which offers the payment plans through Uplift through all seven of its brands (Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations, Travel Impressions, Southwest Vacations, Blue Sky Tours and United Vacations) notes that travelers “can’t put a price tag on experience—memories are invaluable, the most precious things we carry with us through life. However, that’s not to say we can’t be practical.”

Uplift is quick and easy to use with a simple application process and an approval decision in seconds. Monthly payments ease the costs of trips and make budgeting that much simpler.

Uplift’s rates are lower than credit cards, which also makes these payment plans more affordable and easy to understand. There are no late fees or hidden fees, and customer service is fast and friendly.

The booking process is equally simple for those wishing to use Uplift. Vacations are booked just as they normally would be. Simply select “pay monthly” when prompted at checkout. Uplift performs a “soft” credit check to verify financial eligibility and identity and there is no impact on a customer’s credit score.

Uplift also keeps travelers on track with an AutoPay feature, which means there are no dates to remember. The company sends a convenient email and a text to remind customers that their payment will be processed. Training videos to learn more about how Uplift works are available from ALG Vacations.

The convenience of the buy-now, pay-later plan is that travelers can take advantage of incredible travel deals this summer or beyond and spread out the payments of their trip or add trip perks and upgrades to already affordable vacations to further enhance the journey.

After two years of staying home, now is the time to book an amazing journey without breaking the bank.

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